A love of listening to great stories is at the heart of what we do as Free Range Productions. Let us help you put your story into beautifully crafted audio which captivates your audience, taking them on a sonic journey with you. Free Range can provide the comprehensive management of the production of your podcast or audio project: From writing and editing through to gathering audio and studio mastering. We can also take care of your podcast’s distribution on all popular platforms for you as well, as well as take of all the copywriting and graphic details for you.


Whether you’re a content marketer thinking of equipping your media arsenal with podcasting, or a non-profit looking for a course in audio production, our tailored workshops on audio editing and design will give you the tools to get ahead with your sound, and more.The Free Range team provides training sessions and workshops both online and on location. We also have our own dedicated audio training equipment to provide a complete hands-on experience for participants. If you have anything that you would like to discuss with us, we’re happy to provide consultancy services on audio and podcast production as well as studio design.


The team at Free Range has experience in writing writing engaging copy for a wide array of publications across Poland and the region. We can also help facilitate your next audio production with our extensive contact network covering Poland and much of the CEE region as well as beyond. We can provide a whole host of editorial and translation services. To find out more, please get in touch with us by email.


Our studio runs over a 16-channel digital audio network which connects up to four separate recording and editing workstations, each seemlessly integrated with each other as well as online conference platforms. Apart from production facilities, our studio also has live online broadcast capabilities with a dedicated streaming server which can handle up to 5,000 listeners simultaneously.

We can help you record and produce your podcast with our Dante-networked DAW workstations, rigged with Shure SM-7B mics and our studio space equipped with Røde NT-1A mics for up to four guests with optional Dante extension for in-studio recording.

We can handle remote-link interviews, with possibilities to route audio to the studio over Zoom, Skype and other communicator apps. We also have a dedicated studio telephone hybrid line.

If you want to go live, we can provide broadcast-grade audio IP streaming capabilities to up to 5,000 clients simultaneously. Think barn-storming the internet airwaves with a boiler-room DJ set.

Free Range Productions has its custom-built recording and mastering facilities at our studio just five minutes’ walk from the Dworzec Wileński PKP and Metro stations in the heart of Warsaw’s Praga district.

To make great audio, you need great coffee. At our studio, you can always count on a fresh brew from HAYB, a specialty coffee roastery from Warsaw.