Welcome to Free Range Productions! We are an independent audio storytelling company founded at the beginning of 2020 by three passionate radio producers based in Warsaw, Poland: John Beauchamp, Jaros艂aw Kociszewski and Bartosz Panek.

While you’re here with us you can find out what we do, and you can also listen to our weekly podcast, which we’ll be publishing on anything that has caught our attention: whether it be a current affairs package, an interview, or even some sound art. All of our podcasts are either in English, Polish, or both languages simultaneously… (You should try and decipher our Slack channel!).

Are you thinking about setting up a podcast? We can also make some audio for you! Why not get in touch? You can find our contact details further down this page, or you can write an email to hello@freerangeproductions.eu


Free Range Productions. Honest Audio.

Free Range Productions is an independent audio storytelling company founded by three passionate radio producers based in Warsaw, Poland.

The company came to being in early 2020 as an answer to a growing need in Poland and the CEE region for cross-platform audio production, from broadcast media and corporate marketing to dedicated projects for cultural institutions, museums and independent artists.

Free Range Productions is one of Poland's first fully independent audio documentary and storytelling companies. We would love to talk to you about your next project. (M贸wimy po polsku, bez obaw).

Who we are

The team at Free Range Productions holds a tally of almost 50 years' broadcast journalism experience at national and international radio stations, and together we're clued up in communications, content marketing, digital production and research. Some of us teach, some of us write, but all of us think. Oh, and we make podcasts too. 




Podcast 馃帶

Stambu艂 brzmi jak kantata. Wystarczy zboczy膰 z utartego szlaku

W Stambule s艂ycha膰 symfoni臋 d藕wi臋k贸w. Szczeg贸lnie teraz, w okresie zamkni臋tych granic, to kosmopolityczne miasto mo偶esz zwiedza膰 uchem. Stambu艂, jak ka偶da metropolia, brzmi polifonicznie. 艢wiaty mieszka艅c贸w i turyst贸w nie zawsze si臋 stykaj膮. Jednak pr贸ba us艂yszenia granic tych mikrokosmos贸w sprawia, 偶e poznawanie miasta staje si臋 pasjonuj膮c膮 podr贸偶膮. Poniewa偶 nikt jej nie zaplanowa艂, obfituje w zaskoczenia i odkrycia. …

Saudyjki pokazuj膮 moc. Krok po kroku

W Saudyjkach drzemie moc. Ich kraj, i one same, wreszcie zaczynaj膮 to dostrzega膰. M艂oda kobieta wsiada do samochodu i s艂uchaj膮c muzyki jedzie spotka膰 si臋 z kole偶ankami w restauracji. Nic nadzwyczajnego? W Arabii Saudyjskiej to nowo艣膰. Zmiana fundamentalna. Saudyjki korzystaj膮 z tego co ju偶 maj膮, ale chc膮 wi臋cej. Znacznie wi臋cej. Zaprasza Jaros艂aw Kociszewski

Honest Audio

Here at Free Range Productions we want to give you an opportunity to hear what makes us tick. Every week we’ll be bringing you a piece of audio on our podcast channel. And just as our name suggests, it can be anything we want to share with you which we have made: either in English …


Please get in touch with Free Range Productions about any projects you want to get off the ground.

You can write to us at hello@freerangeproductions.eu or leave us a message using the form below.